Entrepreneurial Institute: A Work/Study Program

The Work/Study Program teaches core academics and a daily vocational block in small structured classes. Each student works in one of four student owned businesses. They are paid based on the profits of their business. Students are responsible for marketing, prescription buy purchasing, buy cialis maintaining inventory, managing finances, producing and selling their product or service. They explore vocational interests and aptitudes.

This program is designed for those students who will not attend a four-year college program immediately after graduation. Most students go on to trade or technical school, enter the job market, or work toward associate degrees.

The Entrepreneurial Institute teaches:

  • Reading for information and pleasure
  • Personal and business financial responsibility and management
  • Oral communication skills (conversational skills, phone, interview skills)
  • Written communication (writing resumes, job applications, letters, memos and reports)
  • Social Skills appropriate for the work place
  • Time management, organizational and prioritization skills
  • Problem solving
  • Hygiene and grooming
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