The College Prep Program teaches:

A rigorous academic program appropriate for college success

  • Acquisition of 21st Century Skills
  • Critical thinking, sovaldi problem solving, analysis and logic
  • Self-direction, personal responsibility, personal ethics and self advocacy
  • Creativity, innovation and integration of ideas, initiative and adaptability
  • Collaboration, social skills, maturity, leadership, team work, strong communication skills
  • Information literacy to solve problems and acquire knowledge
  • The ability to understand another point of view
  • Focus and regulation required for learning
  • Organizational, time management and study skills

Classes are small and use varied teaching and discovery methods which include:

  • Project based learning
  • Research papers
  • Collaborative learning
  • Courses enriched or modified to student needs
  • Advanced Placement English Courses
  • Socratic methods
  • Subject appropriate videos/movies with discussion
  • Student presentation and discussion
  • Dual credit courses at the community college
  • Courses aligned with Texas Education Agency core curriculum standards
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