Student supervision is offered both before and after school hours.

rbrb_1021The Before School Program begins at 7:30am and continues until the start of daily classes. There is no prior enrollment for Before School, any student who arrives prior to 8:15am will join the program and the daily fee will be charged to the student’s account.

The After School Program begins at the end of the school day and activities conclude at 6:00pm. We are open every weekday except for holidays, the last week of the calendar year and a few days at the end of summer. When school is closed, we are open from 8:00am until 6:00pm.

Our program is designed to compliment the school’s mission, offering a daily schedule of social and recreational activities including yoga, dance, arts and crafts, science experiments, history explorations, cooking, outdoor recreation and group games.

Contact the After School Staff by calling (214) 793-8844 and to view our full year schedule, please visit the calendar link above.

Students may attend the After School program every day, or may be enrolled for two or three days each week. Fees vary based on the student’s participation. ¬†Any student may drop in on any day.

In addition to our daily program, Vanguard After School offers the following fun activities:

While School is in Session:

  • Vanguard+Plus: During the school year we offer fun, educational and recreational extracurricular activities throughout the school week.
  • LOCK-IN: Bring your PJs, sleeping bags and lovies for an overnight festival of fun: 6pm – 8am.

During The May and Summer Break:

  • SUBMERGE SUMMER CAMP: Old fashioned outdoor excursions during the May-June and July-August breaks.
  • IGNITE: Off-campus excursions and on-campus activities for High School Students during the May-June and July-August breaks.
  • WEDNESDAY PARTY DAYS: During the summer break each Wednesday we get off campus for water parks, cook-outs, movies and more.
  • FUN FRIDAYS: During our summer break Fridays are special with Bounce Houses, Day Trips, and one-of-a-kind programs.
  • THEME WEEKS: During Our summer break, each week is an adventure: We shape our program around a theme, such as places in the world, fashion, food, science or current events.
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